We merge innovation with real business problems to always provide the best.

Evolved Projects is an award-winning innovation-centric company with a focus on exploring and developing the latest in emerging tech.

Our approach is based on measuring success in innovation, through impact and consistent iteration.

Developing the latest in emerging tech.

Exceptional cross-industry knowledge to the business community through design projects and partnerships, driving cutting-edge technological innovation.

Evolved Projects designs and launches innovative products, services, ventures, and brands by combining business acumen with cutting edge technology.

We strive to partner with industry leaders to identify new market opportunities, add value, and solve meaningful real-world problems.

What we provide

Work with Evolved Projects to develop your businesses idea, user our experience in AI, Blockchain, & Cyber Security to help that idea become reality.

Evolved Projects has a breadth of experience in understanding how businesses relate to new technology, we can help you with that transition.

Alongside development, we also run talks and workshops to help get people in your business thinking about emerging tech.

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